The iconic butterfly-roofed Crestwood home was originally designed and built by a local Memphis architect, Raymond O. Martin, as his personal residence. Eventually the home was sold to new owners and began transforming through multiple remodels, gaining new additions that didn’t meet the mid-century aesthetic and losing its original design aura in the process. After several renovations and a number of owners, the home sat vacant for ten years before being bought by a mid-century modern enthusiast who wanted to return the home to its glory.

Our goal was to restore the home to its original design intentions with subtle architectural updates, incorporating modern design principles to create function through form. This meant reverting most of the changes from previous renovations, including removing unnecessary additions, reopening the multiple window walls that had been enclosed, ultimately reconfiguring the entire house to be more aligned with the initial design. In its essence, we wanted this home to match its original intentions with smart design and liveable features that provide a truly remarkable living environment.